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This page has some information on my hobbies.... mostly about some of things I have built.

Last updated 13 May 2001...Added ham radio article
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Ham Radio:

Getting rid of that "underwater" sound from the K2 CW filters

Is it Better to receive CW at higher or lower frequency?

Machine Shop :

Depth stop for a Jet-16 Drill/Mill

Quick-change tool post for the Lathe

Auto Mechaniking:

An Improvement I made to the Tuf-Country axle pivot brackets
I bought for my F-250 Includes drawings.

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My Interests

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It is often said that you can't learn anything just by reading about it. True enough, but I find that reading is often the best place to start, and then it is time to get my hands dirty.  The web has been  a great help to me, as many of the things I am interested in are far enough from mainstream that the market won't support the traditional publishing models. There are, however,  a few publishers around that cater to wierdos like me.  I admire their efforts, so here is some free advertising for them:

Village Press Publisher of "Home Shop Machinist",  "Machinist's Workshop"  and "Live Steam"
Willmann-Bell Publisher of numerous books on telescope making, optics, and like such.
Lindsay Publications A fountain of esoteric knowledge, from the mundane, to the truly fringe.