Iä, Shub-Niggurath!

A stern visage of H.P. Lovecraft, somewhat stylized

By  a route obscure and lonely,
Haunted by ill angels only,
Where an Eidolon named Night,
On a black throne reigns upright,
I have reached these lands but newly
From an ultimate dim Thule --
From a wild weird clime that lieth, sublime,
Out of Space -- out of Time.


The most recent implemented update of this page is the result of my trip to Massachusetts, where I made an attempt to open a portal. Luckily, it did not work quite right. Most of the photographs below are brought from my previous New England trips to Boston, Salem, Arkham, Kingsport, Marbleport and Plymouth. Along with photographs from Swan Point Cemetery in Providence, where Lovecraft is buried, now you can see some photos from Arkham cemetery.  Most of the links are up-to-date. Two discourses, one on evidence of Cthulhu worship in New Orleans, the other on certain disturbing entries in medieval bestiaries, will be added shortly. 

I want to state explicitly that all the photographs on this home page are real, scanned from negatives without any editing or retouching.

My collection is mostly photographs. Some important materials, such as the scan of the infamous Pickman's negative, are still in preparation (it is hard to find a negative scanner that works with 6 by 9 cm negatives).

For relevant texts and art refer to the entries listed immediately below:
Angel Ortega's visions of entities that should not be named. The WWW server of the site sometimes transmits strange symbols, and and I heard rumors that the Voorish Sign was found in... I'd better not talk about this...
Spanish-language materials on  HPL, including an interesting discourse on Lovecraft according to Borges.
Cthulhu Cooks. I suspect the author of this page is far beyond the stage of screaming "Tekeli-Li!" and rolling on the floor of one of those padded rooms...
Donovan Loucks HPL Page. Bibliography, information on ordering books, quotes from Lovecraft's letters and a big collection of photographs of Lovecraft-related places in New England.
The Necronomicon history,  FAQ and anti-FAQ (both of the latter with comments by Dan Clore).
Fragments of a book written by a certain mad Arab...
De Web Mysteriis lists home pages dedicated to the works and dreams of Poe, Hodgson, C.A. Smith... (sadly, this link appears dead)
Cthulhu Hymnal - a must for portal openers and other dabblers in forbidden arts.
The home page of a Lovecraft-inspired band The Darkest Of The Hillside Thickets. Samples of music and art.

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Providence, RI

454 Angell Street, Providence: The Phillips home Swan Point Cemetery: Lovecraft's grave. The gravestone inscription is...

        August 20, 1890;
          March 13, 1937
Gravestone Swan Point Cemetery: Phillips family monument (to the right of Professor G. Naumovich) Old red house One of the oldest houses in Providence

Arkham, MA

Creepy gravestones Sunset at Burying Ground Slab with corpse on top A strange carving.

Visiting the Burying Ground, on one of the graves I noticed a carved and painted stone figure bearing an uncanny resemblance to one of my ancestors. The name on the plate was illegible.

Salem, MA

Heraldic emblem on Pickman family monument.

The ancestors of the artist Richard Upton Pickman (see Lovecraft's "Pickman's model") lived in Salem for centuries. Pickmans were a very old and aristocratic family.

Pickman family monument - general view.
The names that can be read in the bottom:

 Col. Benjamin Pickman HC
 1759 died May 13-1819 aged 79 years
 Mary Anne Pickman died
 January ye 2nd-1809 - aged 9 years
 Hasket Derby Pickman HC 1815
 died Oct ye 22nd-1815 aged 19 years
 daughter and son of Benjamin
 Pickman Esq HC 1784 and his
         wife Anstiss Derby
So the families of Pickmans and Derbies (the last of the Derbies, Edward Pickman Derby, to have married Asenath Waite - see "The Thing on the Doorstep") have been relatives since the beginning of the nineteenth century...

Somewhere in Massachusetts...

The stone that stood on Sentinel Hill.

Now it is in Farm Museum in H***. The museum employees claim it to be a part of a cider press. Sure. Cider press with blood drains.

More about the "cider press"
The Pit of Shoggoths
The Nethermost Caverns

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