The Truly Blessed

Blessed is he who is charitable, for he shall inherit eternal life.

Blessed is he who overlooks the faults of others, for he shall enjoy divine beatitude.

Blessed is he who associates with all with joy and fragrance, for he has obeyed the commands of Bahá'u'lláh.

Blessed is he who loves mankind, for he has heeded the advice of Bahá'u'lláh.

Blessed is he who is kind to his enemies, for he has walked in the footsteps of Christ.

Blessed is he who proclaims the doctrine of spiritual brotherhood, for he shall be the child of light.

Blessed is he whose heart is tender and compassionate, for he will throw stones at no one.

Blessed is he who will speak evil of no one, for he hath attained to the good pleasure of the Lord.

Blessed is he who will not uncover the sins of others, for he will become favored at the threshold of the Almighty.

Blessed is he who hath a forgiving nature, for he will win the spiritual graces of God.

Blessed is he who diffuses only the sweet fragrance of the flowers of friendship and mutual association, for he will obtain a goodly portion of the bounties of the Merciful.

Blessed is he who teaches union and concord, for he will shine like unto a star in heaven.

Blessed is he who practices loving-kindness and co-operation, for he will be encircled with celestial benedictions.

Blessed is he who comforts the downtrodden, for he will be the friend of God.


(Words of `Abdu'l-Bahá from the Diary of Mirza Ahmad Sohrab to Miss Harriet Magee, May, 1913. Printed in the STAR OF THE WEST, Vol 7, # 5, June 1916, page 38 and Vol 7, #18, February 1917, page 183.)

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