"The Brotherhood Potential"
Words of Abdu'l-Bahá'

There is perfect brotherhood underlying humanity, for all are servants of one God and belong to one family under the protection of divine providence...   There is brotherhood potential in humanity because all inhabit this earthly globe under the one canopy of heaven...   There is brotherhood intended in humanity because all are waves of one sea, leaves and fruit of one tree.   This is physical fellowship which insures material happiness in the human world.   The stronger it becomes, the more will mankind advance and the circle of materiality be enlarged.

The real brotherhood is spiritual, for physical brotherhood is subject to separation...but in the eternal world of spiritual brotherhood separation is unknown.   Material or physical association is based upon earthly interests but divine fellowship owes its existence to the breaths of the Holy Spirit...

Through this divine brotherhood, the material world will become resplendent with the lights of divinity, the mirror of materiality will acquire its lights from heaven and justice will be established in the world so that no trace of darkness, hatred and enmity shall be visible...the world will become another world and humanity shall put on another power. This is the greatest divine bestowal; this is the effulgence of the Kingdom of God, this is the day of illumination; this is the merciful century...

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