Lesser Prairie Chicken

High Plains Lesser Prairie Chicken Festival
at Milnesand, New Mexico

Mary Scott's wonderful story and photo of her visit to the HPLPCF
with link to information on how to register and festival's schedule

surfbirds.com HPLPCF page

Wildlife Habitat Council
September 1999 Fish and Wildlife Habitat Management Leaflet Number 6

USGS Species Account

Ecology of the Lesser Prairie Chicken
George Miksch Avian Research Center

Springfield, Colorado

The BLM on Lesser Prairie Chicken

Lek Trek Update

For information regarding Prairie Chicken viewing, Lek Trek dates and access
to Prairie Chicken areasat Mescalero Sands, 45 miles east of Roswell, New Mexico


Rand French or Dan Baggao
Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - Roswell District Office
2909 West Second Street
Roswell, New Mexico 88201

A great THANK YOU goes to Monte M. Taylor for permission to use his beautiful photo of the lesser prairie chicken.
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