The New Mexico Dragonfly Notebook

Aeshna multicolor
"Blue-eyed Darner"

Aeshna multicolor "Blue-eyed Darner" of the Family Aeshnidae. Known as "darning needles" with very long abdomens and brilliant coloration, the darners are the most dominant family of the dragonflies. Some 12 species of darners are known throughout New Mexico. The blue-eyed darner is a large, robust dragonfly often seen patrolling the edges of ponds, lakes, and open fields. The males are bright blue with long ornate abdomens marked with blue, brown, and black. The females' coloration is bright yellow and green. The nymphs are found living on the stems of water plants and are camouflaged with brown and green coloration. This is a western species found at most farm ponds and lakes in nearly all counties in New Mexico.

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