The New Mexico Dragonfly Notebook

Erythemis  simplicicollis
"Eastern Pondhawk"

Erythemis simplicicollis "Eastern Pondhawk" of the Family Libellulidae. Generally a northern species, this alert dragonfly is clear-winged with a bright green face and thorax and an abdomen of black and green. In older males, the thorax and abdomen become bluish-white. Usually the caudal appendages are yellow, but the width of the abdomen is the better distinguishing characteristic. It usually prefers a low perch, like bare ground or a floating log, during the day. At night it rests on pondside vegetation or roadside weeds. The nymphs have a thick, stocky body and a head with big, protruding green eyes. With its broad distribution throughout North America, this species can inhabit almost any still waters. Distribution in New Mexico is limited to the eastern portion of the state.

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