The New Mexico Dragonfly Notebook

Macrodiplax balteata
"Marl Pennant"

Macrodiplax balteata "Marl Pennant" of the Family Libellulidae. This is a tropical genus of only two species, one Old World and one American. This little Neotropical species has a small, robust thorax and a short abdomen. In males, the abdomen is black, and in females, the abdomen is tan. At the base of each hind wing is a dark brown spot, which can be found reduced in the fore wing. The nymphs are found in slightly saline pools. This dragonfly is highly saline tolerant but can live in freshwater. Its distribution in North America is limited to Florida and the Gulf coast. Macrodiplax balteata has been found in three counties of New Mexico Chaves, Eddy, and Guadalupe. It inhabits saline sinkholes, as well as Twin and Perch Lakes in Guadalupe County.

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