The New Mexico Dragonfly Notebook

Orthemis  ferruginea
"Roseate  Skimmer"

Orthemis ferruginea "Roseate Skimmer" of the Family Libellulidae. This is a beautiful skimmer with dazzling colors of metallic red and blue on the head, and lavender suffused with tangerine on the thorax and abdomen. Until 1901, this species was only known from a single specimen taken in Key West Florida in 1864. It is now known to live along the Pecos, Gila, and Rio Grande drainages of southern New Mexico, among other locales. It can be seen skimming above small freshwater streams that feed the Pecos River, and at sinkholes around Santa Rosa and Bottomless Lakes State Park. Its nymphs may be found in silty bottoms of shallow streams.

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