The New Mexico Dragonfly Notebook

Pseudoleon  superbus
"Lace-winged Skimmer"


Pseudoleon superbus "Lace-winged Skimmer" of the Family Libellulidae. This skimmer is considered by many naturalists and biologists to be the most rare and beautiful dragonfly in the world. Its chocolate-black color is marked on the abdomen with tan chevrons. In New Mexico, the wings of the male of this species are almost entirely metallic black, while the female exhibits exquisite black lace markings on her wings. Lace-winged skimmer eyes are striped in brown and tan spectacular and unforgettable. The nymphs are found along the shallow edges of streams and small freshwater pools with floating vegetation. This rare southwestern species can be found along the Gila, Spring, and Penasco Rivers of southern New Mexico, at Bosque Redondo in De Baca County, and at Rattlesnake Springs near Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

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