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 Robert R. Larsen (a scientific illustrator with a masters in zoology), along with others, continue to be involved in the New Mexico Odonata Survey.   It has been a very exciting time for Odonata research in New Mexico, especially in southeastern New Mexico.   This is the first long term and comprehensive Odonata study ever to be conducted in New Mexico.   To date 54 CONFIRMED species have been collected at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge (BLNWR).   It is believed that over 60 species have been collected there, including a possible new species.  69 percent of the species are tropical dragonflies, which are more common to Central America.   Species, Robert Larsen, has found at BLNWR include the Anax walsinghami the world's largest dragonfly, Perithemis domitia one of the world's smallest dragonflies.   Robert also found there the Archilestes grandis the world's largest damselfly and the Ischnura hastata the world's smallest damselfly.   John Magera, the refuge's Assistant Manager, found another unusual dragonfly flying around a deep, salty, sinkhole, that turn out to be a dragonlet, the only true marine species.   They are normally found along the world's seashores.

It is the habitat diversity at BLNWR that provides the richness of animal and plant species available on the refuge. The water can range from fresh to extremely salty, ponds from puddles to two-acre sinkholes.

Starting July 1, 2000, Karen H. Gaines, a graduate student at the University of New Mexico, will start a study and identification on nymph specimens.   Funding is provided by Share With Wildlife, a nongame adjunct of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. 

There are additional species being collected at sites around New Mexico.   Some species collected were quite surprising, and will be added to our lists as they are confirmed and the information is provided.   Please email me with your questions and comments at, or Robert Larsen at



Aeshna multicolor:  photo, commentary

Anax junius:  photo, commentary


Gomphus militaris: photo, commentary



Macroma annulata wings slide


Brachymesia  gravida wings slide, photo commentary

Celithemis eponina photos, commentary

Celithemis fasciata  photo, commentary

Dythemis velox wings slide

Erythemis  simpliciollis:  photo, commentary

Erythrodiplax berenice:  photo, commentary

Libellula comanche:   photo, commentary

Libellula  composita:  photo, commentary

Libellula  luctuosa:     photo, commentary

Libellula  lydia:    photo, commentary

Libellula pulchella:      photo, commentary

Libellula saturata   wings slide, photos, commentary

Libellula subornata  wings slide, photos, commentary

Macrodiplax balteata:   photo, commentary

Orthemis  ferruginea:     photo, commentary

Pachydiplax longipennis:    photo, commentary

Pantala hymenaea:   photo, commentary

Perithemis tenera:   photos, commentary

Pseudoleon superbus   
wings slide, photos, commentary

Sympetrum corruptum:   photo, commentary

Sympetrum occidentale fasciatum:     Photo, commentary, and a comparative illustration of the female Caudal appendages of the SYMPETRUM OCCIDENTALE FASCIATUM and SYMPETRUM VICINUM

Sympetrum vicinum:   wing slide, commentary, and a comparative illustration of the female Caudal appendages of the SYMPETRUM OCCIDENTALE FASCIATUM and SYMPETRUM VICINUM

Tramea lacerata:    photo, commentary

Tramea onusta:   photo, commentary

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