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The office for the 33rd Army Band Alumni Association frequently receives questions regarding former members of the USAREUR Band, and its always a pleasure to be able to provide inquirers with some information that will enable them to make connections. Hopefully, this Bulletin Board will provide a place where such information can be exchanged. The intent is to post inquiries of this nature on this page where they can be read by alumni members. Any member who can supply an answer is encouraged to do so by sending it directly to the requester and/or to the webmaster for posting. In addition, this page will also serve as the location for messages, announcements, notices and other light correspondence. Please send all inquiries, announcements, notices and messages to Dee Tonning - Webmaster at dtonning@aol.com



Message from KT Magnusson - February 2007

I know I'm years late and dollars short here, but when I was in the 33d US Army Band (64-65), there was a Public Relations office at Patton Barracks at that time, and there was a Sp.4 named (something) Smith (we all called him "Smitty") who was a photographer and accompanied the band on nearly all our "gigs" and took tons of b/w photos of all those outings.

I have no idea how I could/would track him down to find out if he still had all those incredible photos (e.g., the 20th anniversary of D-Day at the Normandy Beach, playing in front of the Versailles Palace, etc.). But if any of our folks had any ideas how to find him and all those photos, what an incredible trove that would be!
There also was a monthly magazine titled (I think) "Army in Europe" and many of his photos of our band were featured in that magazine.
I do know before he entered the US Army he attended MIT. And when it was time for him to be released from active duty, he took a European discharge; bought a tricked-out Land Rover; and he and his wife took off from Heidelberg for Afghanistan and throughout southwest Asia. He was discharged sometime after I was in May of 1965.
Something to consider.
KT Magnusson
Salt Lake City
Email: KT.Magnusson@slcc.edu




My Grandfather was Martin Helmus, he died October of 1974.  My mother and I are trying to find his death certificate and are not sure where to start searching since he was buried in the main Cemetery in Goppingen Germany and not in the US .  If you have any information to direct us to the proper authorities it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You
Nancy Fitch- grandaughter   
Nellie Nacci- daughter
Email address: nfitch@cox.net



Your webmaster recently received the following inquiry from Jim Westerhouse regarding the Alumi Reunion held in March , 1999 in Washington DC. If you can be of help to Jim, please contact him at: JimWest@concentric.net or Dee Tonning, Webmaster at: dtonning@aol.com

I am interested in finding our if anyone has a video recording of the Friday eve. "band" performance at the Washington reunion this past March. Unfortunately, the battery on my video ran out about 4 selections from the end of that historic performance! I would be willing to trade that portion that I have with anyone who would like to do so.



As the year 2005 comes to a close, CW3 Robert Edmonds (ret.), who was with the USAREUR Band as its bandmaster from 1966-1969 , has gotten in touch with us to provide a resume of his army career and to note the passing of a dear friend, MSGT Gene Louis, who went through Viet Nam unscathed "only to die  in a fire at a boys school where he was teaching after retiring."

He noted that he hopes to become a participant in the activities of the 33rd ABAA in 2006 and said he would welcome any e-mail from any of his and his wife's friends through the years.  His e-mail address is:
Robert's e-mail has been turned over to the editor of "Passing In Review" for use in the next newsletter.

We also heard from Charley Liegerot, who played tuba and string bass with the 33rd in 1955-1956.  Charley filled  us in on his activities since leaving the band.  His e-mail has also been turned over to the editor for use in the next newsletter.  For those who would like to contact Charley, his e-mail address is: cpliegerot@shaw.ca



Dear Dee,

Gabe Villani and I were in touch with one another a few days ago, both of us concerned about Roger Dickerson, who lives in New Orleans.  Gabe had apparently contacted Roger shortly before Katrina hit and told him to get out of New Orleans while the getting was good.
Roger, though, decided to stay--until the water rose to cover his grand piano and other furniture on the first floor of his home--at which time he left.  He was rescued by some folks in a flat bottom boat and ended up spending two days and a night at the Superdome, and then was bussed to San Antonio at an air force base there.
In San Antonio, Roger was able to phone both Gabe and me, and naturally both Gabe and I offered to put him up.  Because he was closer to us than to Gabe, we got the honor.  We picked him up yesterday at the airport in Lubbock and he's now here with us.
I just wanted to get the word out that Roger is safe--though he won't be back in New Orleans any time soon.  Anyone wanting to talk with Roger or me, can reach us at 505-622-6898 or via e-mail:
obfusa@rt66.com.  You can either forward this e-mail to anyone you have on your list or you can post it on our website--or do both...
Warmest regards,



An announcement from Frank Schlatter 3/16/2005


Dear Band Members from the late 50s,


Im not sure who else has received information from Dick Hays since January, but I do want you to know about the letter I received from him today.


In his letter of 3/12/05, in which he discussed his dues, the most recent newsletter, and his sadness at the passing of Marv Schatz, Dick informed me that Shirley, his wife, had passed away on January 18th after an extended bout with cancer.  He wrote that, like Eunice, Shirley  realized how much our association with the 33rd Army Band meant to us.  He wrote: Her times playing flute and piccolo at Albuquerque and Minneapolis with the band helped teach that.  He went on to note that they had been planning to return to Germany in 2006 for their 50th anniversary.


Carole and I sent a sympathy card, expressing our own sadness and our condolences.





I know that all the members of the association who were in the band at the same time as Marvin Schatz--will be saddened to learn that he passed away today (January 10).  Marv was a fine clarinet player with the band, and we who attended the 33rd ABAA's first three reunions (1997,1999,2001), which Marv was able to attend, were delighted that Marv was together with us.

Unfortunately, because of the rapid onset of lymphoma, Marv was unable to attend the New Orleans reunion, and according to Melissa, his daughter, who informed us of Marv's passing, Marv was devastated that he couldn't make it to the most recent get-together.  Melissa said that he felt a deep and loving attachment to the members of the 33rd Army Band, and in his last days he very much appreciated the contacts that were made with him by other band members.

Those of us who knew him will deeply miss him.  Our condolences to the Schatz family.

Frank Schlatter

The following message is from Melissa Schatz, Marvin's daughter.

Dear friends and family of Marvin Schatz,

Marvin Schatz, beloved husband of Eunice Schatz, father of Melissa, Allison and Scott, grandfather of Ryan & Jolie and brother of Sylvia, peacefully passed away this morning, Monday, January 10, 2005.

Funeral services will be held at Bernheim Apter Kreitzman Suburban Funeral Chapel at 12 noon on Wednesday, January 12, 2005, in Livingston, NJ.

The family will be sitting Shiva from Wednesday afternoon until Friday at 4 PM at the Schatz family residence, which is located at 21 Anita Drive, East Hanover, NJ.

In lieu of flowers, please make contributions to The American Cancer Society or The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Following is Marvin's Obituary:

Marvin Schatz of East Hanover owned accounting firm

Thursday, January 13, 2005

A service for Marvin Schatz of East Hanover will be at noon today in the Bernheim-Apter-Kreitzman Suburban Funeral Chapel, 68 Old Short Hills Rd., Livingston,

Mr. Schatz, who died Tuesday in Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, was a certified public accountant and owned the firm, M. Schatz CPA & Associates PA in Parsippany, since 1992.

He earned a bachelors degree in business from Baruch College, New York City, in 1956.

Mr. Schatz served in the Army during peacetime, performing with the 33rd Army Band in Germany.

He was a member of the American Association of Certified Public Accountants, a former member of the East Hanover Planning Board and past commander of the Raritan Yacht Club, Perth Amboy.

Born in Brooklyn, Mr. Schatz lived in Springfield before moving to East Hanford 17 years ago.

Surviving are Eunice, his wife of 43 years; daughters, Melissa Schatz Nelson and Allison Johnson Taylor; a son Scott; a sister Sylvia Hameroff, and two grandchildren.


The 33rd Army Band Alumni Association secretary-treasurer received an e-mail from David "Scotty" Scott, Tuba player 83-86, saying he had come across the association on "Ted's site."

Anyone wanting to get in touch with Scotty may wish to contact the secretary-treasurer for his information.  Write obfusa@rt66.com

Frank Schlatter


A Message from Mary Pitts (8/14/2006)


My name is Mary Pitts. I served as the Band's Chaplain at Tompkins Barracks in Heidelberg, Germany, from 1985-1988. I would enjoy hearing from anyone there during that time, including COL GARY LAMB or MAJOR STAN CORNET. I am retired from the army now.
My email is map325akp@yahoo.com.
Thanks so much.
Mary A. Pitts
Chaplain (Major) (retired)


A Message from David Wood (1/28/05)

Hello - My name is David Wood.  I was a member of the 33rd Army Band 1971 - 72.  Played Flute.  Dick Rabideau, who lives in the same community as I do, and who was a member of the 33rd at the same time referred me to this page.  What a wonderful idea.  Brought back some very fond memories.  If anyone who comes across this wants to contact me I'm at woodd@westelcom.com.


Message from Frank Schlatter (1/18/05)

The current directory for the 33rd ABAA will shortly be sent to dues-paying members of the organization.  Individuals who would like to receive the updated edition of the directory (it has now been expanded to include more membership details),  the quarterly "Passing in Review", plus other informational mailings, should send their $15 annual dues check (made out to 33rd ABAA)  to:
Frank Schlatter, 3111 Futura, Roswell, NM 88201

Please make sure that your current addresses (snail and e-mail) are provided, and for the 33rd ABAA database,  your spouse's name is also

Frank Schlatter


A Message from Gary Maki (1/14/05)


I'm looking for members of the 33rd that served from 1971-73.  Currently, I'm living in Southeastern Michigan and am still playing professionally with a Top '40 band (Channel 6), a brass quintet (Solid Brass), church soloist and free lance.  Just recently opened a trumpet studio and have a handful of young students.
It would be great to talk with some of the old band members.  I might even attend an upcoming reunion.  When and where will the next one be?
Enough for now.  Got to get back to the practice room for some woodshedding.  ciao
Gary Maki
7920 Thornhill Dr.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197


A Message from Allen Lawless (1/12/05)

Hello Dee,

In conducting some research on the 298th Army Band (Berlin Brigade), I stumbled across your web site, specifically your Sept. 2004 edition of your newsletter Passing in Review.

In this edition, Vol. VII, No. 2, an article mentioned a talk from Frank Rosato, former bandmaster of the 156th Infantry Band (later to become the ETO Band, stationed in London during WWII).

Mr. Rosato is also an item of interest for my research and I was delighted to speak with him on the phone the other day. I hope to gather yet more information through him, in addition to the contents as stated in the your newsletter.

I served in the 298th from Jan. 83 to Sept. 91. It was a very exciting time to be in Germany, unquestionably the highlight of my 20-year military career and the focal point of my 15 years in Germany. I was privileged to know many in the 33rd and many of us were impressed with the 33rd's level of musicianship.

The purpose of my email is to clarify that Mr. Rosato's band, as the 156th Infantry Band, later to become the ETO Band, also went through another change.

As mentioned in the article, the ETO Band was authorized only 28 musicians. Mr. Rosato had requested and received more musicians. However, since the extra musicians were not authorized under TOE, the band had to be split, on paper only, into the 300th Infantry and the 298th Infantry Bands.

Following the war, the ETO band was split up into two parties for logistical reasons, and sent to Berlin to provide musical support in the Potsdam Conference. According to information I have from Mr. Rosato and Henry P. Glaviano, the author of his book, The 156th Infantry Band, the "300th Infantry Band" traveled through Belgium on its way to Berlin and the "298th Infantry Band" traveled through France, destination Berlin.

Shortly after the "paper band's" arrival, the two bands meshed to become one again. At some point yet to be determined, but surely before July 4, 1945, the band was redesignated the 298th Army Band.

As such, the 298th Army Band was the longest-serving unit in Berlin, having arrived in time to perform the official transfer of military authority ceremony, held on Andrews Barracks on July 4, 1945, between the Soviets and the American 2nd Armored Division, the first American unit to occupy Berlin. The band served continuously until September 1994, when the last musician finally left the city.

I thank you for the opportunity to provide additional information which may be of interest to your readers.

Best regards,
Allen Lawless
SFC, USA, Retired
Mentor, OH


A Message from Dick Rabideau (1/11/05)

Hello Frank and Dee:

I was recently alerted to the existence of the association and the webpage.  What a great idea!  Thank you for your efforts.  I have only spent a few minutes there but learned a number of things about people I knew.

Initial reactions to the website-  Overall, loved the idea and would love to support your efforts with a membership.  It was not quickly clear (on brief inspection) how to do that (where to send).  I guess I start by sending this email.  Might the address be listed or an "if interested, contact x at the following address."  Maybe that was there and I missed it.

I have maintained contact with at least three (now four thanks to the website) people from my tour years, having just visited two this past summer.  Have looked for a couple others and maybe the website will help.

I would not mind having my email listed next to my name.  Have others felt similarly?  It might make contact easier and less work for someone else. (Note:  Richard's email address is richard.rabideau@verizon.net )

Which of you takes contact information?  What information would you like? To whom do I send the $15.?

Keep up the good work.  My years were listed correctly but my name misspelled.  It is RABIDEAU, not RABIDEAUX as listed.  Will send additional contact information when I hear from you.

Dick Rabideau, 72-73, Trombone


A Message from Jim Wood (1/9/05)

Hi--happened across the web site this afternoon--what a wonderful idea!

I'm Jim Wood and was with the band from November 1967 until September 1968 (though I continued to play concerts until my discharge in August 1969).  I played oboe and English Horn--I'd love to know if the beautiful Laubin English horn I helped order in 1968 is still being used.  I joined the 33d in late 1967 where I was greeted by several friends from the Fifth Army Band at Ft Sheridan, Illinois--George Heller and Bill Aikman among others.  They drove up to Frankfurt the night I arrived in Buzzy Bissette's Cadillac and we drove down to Heidelberg in the thickest fog I'd ever seen.  Then it was off to the Rote Ochsen
for Ochsenschwansuppe and one or two beers.

The summer of 1968 I was sent to help out Captain Bill Clark at USAREUR headquarters, and eventually got assigned to work out of the Office of Public Affairs at Campbell where I helped book Army bands for German events.  I rejoined the 33d for concerts from time to time.

Looking back over the newsletters--I well remember the Bremen festival.  It must have been early 68. Several military bands from NATO allies were there.

Perhaps the biggest event for me was the trip to Harstad, Norway in June of 1968.  Bob Lind, one of my best friends from 5th Army Band days joined us as soloist in the Grieg Piano Concerto, and I made the decision to ask a certain Fulbright scholar from Frankfurt to marry me.  (I'd met her on April 4th).  We got married in August and celebrated our 36th anniversary last year.  Many bandsmen were there for the wedding in Frankfurt.

The newsletter is a great idea, though I was deeply saddened to learn of George Heller's death last summer.  Scanning the newsletters and bulletin board, it was good to see a few familiar names such as Ralph Stivison, Bob Edmonds, and Captain Clark.  There are some names missing from the alumni roster from our era--most are probably "lost" of course. Tom Caloia, Larry Lighthill, Clark Pitts, Buzzy Bissette, Ted Thiele, Bob Martin, Ray Russell--other names will no
doubt come back to me.

My check for 2005 dues is on its way.

Keep up the good work.

Jim Wood (1967-69)
4 Redwood Road
Acton, MA 01720

Jeanette Hall-Wood


A Message from Vicki Holeman Eschelman (1/4/05)

My name is Vicki (Holeman) Eschelman and I served in the 33rd USAEUR Band (1978-1980).  I am Andy Eschelman's first wife and the mother of his children.
Andy and I met in the band in March of 1978, fell in love and were married in April 1981.  Our 17 year marriage gave us 2 beautiful daughters named Jean LeeAnn (20) and Krista Rae (just turned 18).
He had so many friends in the band. He played clarinet/saxophone and I played trumpet.  (Jean plays clarinet and Krista plays saxophone, both like their Dad).  He was the translator for the band so he was the one that made sure we had plenty of food and beer!  A very important job.
I want as many people possible that knew him to get this news.  Andy died the morning of December 30th, 2004.  He made it to his 50th birthday on December 12 and was able to spend Christmas with his daughters.  He became ill 15 years ago but refused to let go until he had no control over it.  He died at home.
He waited long enough for his daughters to get to him (only 30 minutes away).  He waited for them to be at his side before he was willing to let go.
He was a good father to his daughters.  I just wanted everyone to know this about Andy.
If you could post some of this in your next newsletter, that would be really nice. 
Thank you,
Vicki Holeman Eschelman


A Message from Jesse Walker (6/22/04)

I am looking for members of the 1961-63 33rd Army Band that are still alive. I've read about Bandleader Byron Smith  passing.  Anyone from the years stated above, please reply to me at jwalk50@bellsouth.net.  Any information from that period of time would be nice to hear.

Jesse Walker  
Tuba Player

A Message from Mike Getzin (5/7/04)

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A Message from Ralph Stivison (1/12/04)

I received a message from Greg Browne last year, who told me about the web site. I see I'm listed as "unknown" - well, let's make that "known".  I'd like to receive updates, and info on when and where the next reunion might be.

I live in Houston, still play trumpet, am in the musician's union, and am involved in the local music scene.

Here's another trumpet player from my days in the band (spring '68 to early '70) - Jerry Krzesinski of Buffalo NY.


Ralph Stivison

A message from Joseph Turrise (12/20/03)

     Hi, I was recently informed about your web site from an old friend Allen Lennstrom. Allen recently retired from the New York Army Band Reserve. We were both  clarinet players in the 33rd. in 1967.I live in the Chicago, IL. Area. Over the last 36 years we have kept in touch. Mr Robert E. Edmonds was my C.O..In November of 1967 I was married to a very lovely German girl. We just celebrated our 36th. I looked over your list of  33rd. bandsman; sorry to see Harry Bell passed away. Other members that I recognize that were in the 33rd. in 1967 are Robert Artist, Billie Boyt, George Heller, Paul Hepburn, John Hutchens, Ron Lozaro, & Leslie Singer. From a good friend of mine;I know Lislie Singer lives in Germany. The others?                                         
       I was happy to see your web site; it made me think of a lot of good times. I would love to here from any former member.

                                  Joseph J. Turrise     Email: 

A message from Bill Meynier (12/18/03)

I was in the 33rd Army Band from the Fall of 1970 through December 1972.  I was a 02N20 - Pianist.

Should there be any members out there that served during this time, please Email me at wdmeynier@aol.com.  I'd love to exchange some "war stories"
Bill Meynier

A message from Paul Sawtell:

Hi;  I was wondering if any of your colleagues might be interested in some records I have from the American recording company SESAC of various military bands.
They are surplus to my requirements and I understand the recordings are quite rare.

If anyone is interested they may contact me via email at; psjazzpiano@aol.com and I will be pleased to furnish further details to anyone who may be interested.

Paul Sawtell

A message from Doug Youra:

I just updated my "Address" book with known email addresses of ARMY buddies who were in the Band during my tenure (57 - 58). However, there are several buddies whose email addresses I don't have or know. 

My request is this:

Would all 33rd'ers who served during the yrs (57/58) please supply me with your e-mail addresses (if you have one). 

I am Doug Youra and my E-mail addr is: ADYCzechM8@aol.com

Thanks for all your help and cooperation. I look forward to including you in my Address Book and BUDDY List. More than that, I look forward to corresponding and keeping in touch with all of you.

Message from Jim Westerhouse

Hi Everyone,
Just a short message to let everyone know that there is now and
ADDITIONAL email address for yours truly. I'm slowly getting the Premier
Music Center web site into production, but in the meantime, you can also
reach me at an additional email address:
MaestroJim@PremierMusicCenter.com. I will keep my current email address
as well so you won't have to change your address books. I'll let those
interested know when the full web site is up and going. Keep me posted
on what you are doing.
Jim Westerhouse
Premier Music Center


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