Vol. VIII, No. 4                                                                                            April 2006

Alumni Members Provided With
Reminders Regarding Reunion

Earlier this month Frank Schlatter forwarded a set of reminders to individuals who had expressed an interest in attending the Denver reunion.  On April 4, he listed the following as reminders for reunion attendees:

It is not too late for those who wish to attend the reunion to make arrangements to participate in the event, but you will want to make your arrangements to attend immediately.

With regard to the Zephyr trip, our contract with Amtrak calls for our final payment and ticketing to be paid by May 5th.  Thus, it is imperative for those planning to make the trip that the money and reservation form for that event be sent to Frank immediately.


Schedule for 33rd ABAA Reunion
Denver, CO
June 15-20, 2006

Thurs., June 15  Reunion participants begin checking into Adam's Mark Hotel
Fri., June 16 Reunion participants continue to check into hotel.
In morning, participants enjoy the 16th Street Mall
1 to 4 p.m. Hospitality Room - Registration
2 to 4 p.m. Sharing stories, photo albums, slides in Hospitality Room
 4 to 5:30 p.m.  Swimming...exercising...napping...
6 p.m.  Dinner at a local restaurant - separate checks
8 p.m. For those interested, attending Movin' On at Denver Performing Arts Center or going to a local jazz club
Sat., June 17 Breakfast on your own
10:00 a.m. Attending Denver museum(s) in the downtown area
12:30 p.m. Lunch together at Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant near Adam's Mark - separate checks
2:00 p.m. Rehearsal for evening "concert"
6 p.m. Gather in banquet location for official reunion photo
6:30 p.m. Banquet followed by concert
10:00 p.m. Socializing in the area of the hotel bar
 Sun., June 18  
 9:00  Reunion breakfast and business meeting
 Noon  Check-out for those departing for home
 1 to 3 p.m.  Roger Dickerson and band friends perform in Adam's Mark lobby
 Evening  On the town
 Mon., June 19  Post-reunion activity:  A train trip to Winter Park, CO
 7:00 a.m.  Arrive at Union Station in Denver and prepare to depart for Fraser-Winter Park
 8:05 a.m.  California Zephyr departs from station
 10:07 a.m.  Zephyr arrives in Fraser-Winter Park
Until return to Denver, enjoy various activities in Winter Park
4:10 p.m. California Zephyr departs from Fraser-Winter Park
6:58 p.m. Zephyr arrives in Denver
Tues., June 20 Check-out for most of those participating in post-reunion activity




  Chalrie Liegerot (55-56) wrote in late December to bring us up to date with his doings.  His message read as follows:  "HI- I was a tubist and string bass player in the 33rd in 1955-56.  I received my BME and ME from the U of Oklahoma and became a band and choral director in high schools.  My band from Altus, Okla. was the first out-of-state band to be invited to perform in the 1960 Cotton Bowl.  I moved to Canada in 1966 and taught there until my retirement in 1987.  Through all of these years, I played professionally  for everything from circus bands, western bands, symphonies, 6 fat Dutchmen(!) jazz (including a few gigs with Buddy DeFranco) occasional fill-ins with the Miller and Brown bands, etc.  Whatever paid-I played.  I remember my time with your group fondly - one of the endless times spent in the professional field that I love and still engage in.  I play at times, but much of my work now consists of doing clinics for senior and junior high school bands.  I guess like many of you, that it's in our blood!  That' s my short synopsis.  Email is: cpliegerot@shaw.ca

"Nice to re-attach with you guys."

 CW3 Robert Edmonds (1966-1969) wrote us in January, saying: "I have been an eager reader of your postings but a terrible (mea culpa) participant in the on going activities of the alumnae. I hope to remedy that in 2006. Your efforts in keeping together what is an honorable group of "cream of the crop" Army musicians spanning the years has not gone unappreciated by me. I was a proud U.S. Army musician for 22 years. First as a private in the MFSS 28 piece band at Ft. Sam in in the early 50s--then as a corporal in the 4th Army Hdqs band also  Ft Sam--then to Germany to the 1st Inf Div band in Kitzingen (under Wm Baldwin) ---then to 7th army special services in Stuttgart to assist in setting up a Stan Kenton style band (never got off the ground--couldn't find 5 sax men who could read) then to TUSAB (the United States Army Band) in Arlington for 10 glorious years under Hugh Curry as a sax man---then to the navy school (last class in Anacostia) ( I was also there in the FIRST army class in "53) and my warrant (we started with 26 men and 2 of us graduated--Don Fluewel and me) ---then to Redstone Arsenal, Ala. and my first bandmaster gig. ( I was a happy camper)." 

"Three years later I was the first (to my knowledge) W-2 to ever command the USAREUR Band. Fortunately I had Paul Stevens as my 1st Sgt--he saved my ass more than once and kept me on the straight and narrow path to success in Germany. After 3 happy years I went to the ceremonial burial grounds for "aging" bandmasters: Ft Benjamin Harrison, IN, for my last hurrah.  I realized that I was being pleasantly put out to pasture to finish out my time and fade away into the nether regions of long forgotten bandmasters. So I went along with the program and planned on playing a lot of golf and letting my 1st Sgt do the work--WRONG!!!" 

"Upon my arrival there I was greeted with a flying garbage can careening down the stairs of the combination barracks and rehearsal room. WHOA!!  Musicians are lovers not fighters--what goes on here? Answer--they were good musicians who were bored with playing Hal Leonard garbage and terrible Art Dedrick (nice guy but boring arranger) charts. THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO !!! NO MUSIC TO PLAY!!!  NOTHING to look forward to but boredom. I realized that my work was cut out for me--THIS HAD TO CHANGE. I literally burned the useless library and started from scratch. The band had never played at any local schools in the INDY area." 

"A year later we had performed in over 100 schools (Til Eulenspiegle--music of De Bussy, Stravinsky, et al) and had initiated monthly concerts both in the service club and on the wonderful bandstand in the park at the Fort on Sunday afternoon . We had a golf team, a tennis team, a basketball team, and even a flag football team and a softball team. I was a happy participant in all except basketball (my hands were just too small to control the ball). HAPPY FINAL YEARS !!! It all came to a halt on the last day of 1971." 

"I have now been out much longer than I was in and have picked up my playing career where I left off with a certain amount of success. It was a 22 year span of my life that I look back on with wonderful memories of working with good guys (in those years it was ONLY guys--no gals then) who mostly wanted only to make good music and do their job. It is these folks that I salute and fondly remember." 

"Thank you for listening to the ramblings of a very old bandmaster 

"By the way---for those of you who remember me--Peg is doing fine --Nat has 3 kids--Steph has 2 kids and Cindy has 1  All live in Central FL as do Peg and I. I would welcome any E-Mail from any of our friends through the years REDMO33@aol.com"

"I must add a word of remembrance for a dear friend who literally guided me by the hand in my first year as a Warrant. MSGT Gene Louis was a friend to all at Redstone Arsenal. Most importantly a good friend to a brash young W-1 just starting the gig. He remained a dear friend who could work miracles when a miracle was needed. He went through Viet Nam unscathed only to die in a fire at a boys' school where he was teaching after retiring. In his effort to save the only boy not accounted for during the fire he died. The boy he was trying to save was long gone --he set the fire. In fond memory of Gene Louis--one of the good guys in life." 

Ken Winkle (59-61) noted in a brief e-mail that he and his wife plan to do some ancestry research at the Historical Society in Denver on the Thursday just prior to the reunion.

Tony Bencivenga (64-66) wrote to express his thanks for the recent directory.  He noted that he had spent a morning browsing through it, saying: "Talk about bringing back memories!  I think you did a great job with it and really appreciate getting a copy."

He went on to indicate that he had noticed that his instruments were not listed under his name.  He played tuba and string bass while with the band.  He indicated that if we printed what he played that he could then show his grandchildren that he was not only in the band but that he could show them what instruments he played as well.

Bob Granzow (80-85) wrote to provide us with his new zip code.  It's Mesa AZ 85209-2915.

Nollie W. Neill, Sr. (54-55) wrote to provide his new e-mail address: ScouterNC@Juno.com

Don Blackburn (58-60) wrote to express his appreciation for the directory and then offered the following modifications that he had put together in corroboration with Ken Winkle.  The suggested changes are as follows:
        p.3---AUGUSTO, Ismael M.---Clarinet---(59-61)
        p.4---BLACKBURN, Donald J.---(59-61)
        p.6---CADDOCK,Dewayne G.---Oboe/Cymbals---(60)
        p.6---CARBALLO, Francisco (Pepe)---Percussion---(59-61)
        p.8---DEAN, Robert G.---Percussion/Trumpet---(59-60) Delete question mark in Directory
        p.9---ELLIS, Robert E.---Horn---(59-60)
        p.13---KEEFER, Madison---Bass Clarinet/Supply Sgt.---(59-60)
        p.15---MADISON, Keefer B.---Clarinet/Supply Sgt.---(59-60) Delete---same person as listed above. 
                    Last name is KEEFER, not the other way around.
        p.18---NACARATO, Roosevelt---Trumpet---(59-60)
        p.19---OLSEN, Joel---Trombone---(60-61)
        p.20---xREDIRA, Stanley---Trumpet---(58-60)
        p.20---ROMERO, William "Sparry"---Tenor Sax (59-61)
        p.23---TIDMORE, Palmer---Trumpet---(59-60)
        p.24---VAWTER, Phil---Clarinet---(59-61)
        p.26---xWRIGHT, Robert---Trumpet---(60-61)
        Also there was a YOUNG, Donnie---Horn---(59-61), who has not been listed before.

A day later Don came up with two additional names not listed in the directory: BROWN, Joseph of Lawrence, KS, Trumpet (59-60) and JOHNSON, Robert, "Choo Choo" of Forest Lake, MN, Baritone (59-60)

Jasper James Bowman, Jr. (69-71) wrote to thank us "for compiling such a nice and informative directory of the 33rd Army Band."  He went on to say that he had enjoyed perusing the names of people that were members during his tenure and then noted that he is associated with a former member who asked him to forward his name as a past member.  The individual is Vince Okscin, 519 Prospect St., Chicopee, MA 01020, tel. 413-536-6588/  His instruments with the band were clarinet and saxophone.  According to Jasper the two play in a pops ans concert band in the Connecticut Valley.  As Jasper recalls, Vince was in the band during the 50's.

Don Meyerson (54-56) wrote acknowledging receipt of the directory and then saying: "Where has the time flown?  You should really be proud of yourselves.  It is quite a feat to accomplish and keep this organization a living legend.  I am still in touch with Don Basalone.  His story alone is quite interesting.  He turned out to be quite religious.  He has mingled with monks and monasteries and worked his butt off doing all sorts of religious tasks for the church.  I can't believe his faith in doing God's work.  He is at the age where he can't do that kind of work, but from what he tells me, he gets invited to a lot of their conclaves when they happen.  He never married."

"My best friend and one who still remains so is Mr. Bruce Funk.  He was a cook in our barracks.  On my first day in the chow line, he took pity on me and gave me an extra helping.  We are still very close.  I am not sure you guys remember him, but we had some extra fun during Thanksgiving time.  I took all my leave time with him, because CWO Church would never let 2 drummers go on leave at the same time.  Keep up the great work.  Thanks".

William Lesher (54-56) wrote to provide his preferred e-mail address.  It is: wwlesher@verizon.net


About the 33rd Army Band Alumni Association

    The 33rd Army Band Alumni Association is a not-for-profit organization that has been developed to provide a means for former members of the USAREUR Band to be in contact with one another via the quarterly newsletter Passing In Review and through periodic reunions.

     33rd ABAA CEO:  Frank Schlatter, 3111 Futura, Roswell, NM 88201.  E-mail: obfusa@rt66.com  Telephone number: 505-622-6898.  Fax: 505-622-1611.

    Webmaster for the 33rd ABAA internet site: Dee Tonning, 2265 Tawny Woods Pl., Boise, ID 83706.  E-mail: dtonning@aol.com.

     Local Coordinator for 2006 reunion in Denver the third weekend in June: Greg Miller, 5252 Golf Course Dr., Morrison, CO 80465-2104. E-mail: greg-miller@comcast.net.

   The organization's web site:     http://www.rt66.com/~obfusa/33rd.  

Persons who are not former members of the 33rd Army Band but who are interested in participating in the activities of the alumni association are welcome as associate members.  Annual dues for all members: $15, payable to the 33rd ABAA and sent to the CEO.  The normal dues cycle is from January to January. but dues can be paid at any time.



Sgt. Major Enrique German-Lancose (76-77)

James F. Kracmer (58-60)



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