Vol. XII, No. 1                                                                               Jan. 2010 

Tentative Schedule Set for Reunion in D.C.

Sept. 9-12, 2010

Beginning on Sept. 8 or early Sept.9 the check-in at the Crowne Plaza Washington National Airport, 1480 Crystal Drive in Arlington, VA 22202 will mark the start of the 2010 reunion of the 33rd ABAA, September 9-12, 2010.  If you haven't begun to gear up for the occasion, you might start developing some initial plans.  For instance, if you are planning to travel by plane,  you might begin looking into costs for airline tickets.  And you might begin thinking about when you will begin making your reservations--$99 a night for a single or double--with the hotel.  (Granted that the cut-off date for making reservations at the special rate provided us by the hotel is August 10, 2010, you will still want to be sure that you make your reservations with the hotel some time in advance of the cut-off date.)

Meanwhile, the reunion coordinator will need to obtain reservation fees from participants so that they will know just how many former 33rders, spouses, family members, and friends will be attending the various events of the reunion and to have the funds needed to cover the expenses for the reunion.  That number of attendees will determine bus transportation costs to the various venues and it will determine the figures that will be given to the catering director.

Obviously, the decision regarding what to do in the Wasington, D.C. area is no easy task because there is so much to see and to do.  Included in the attractions are the Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle), the Ancostia Community Museum with its collection and exhibition of African American history and culture, The Freer & Sackler Galleries with Asian and American art, the Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, featuring modern and contemporary art, the National Air and Space Museum of American History,  Behring Center, National Museums of the American Indian and of Natural History, the Crime and Punishment Museum, the Folger Shakespeare Library, Ford's Theater, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the various other memorials on the Mall, the Holocaust Memorial Museum, the International Spy Museum, Madame Tussauds, the National Aquarium, Newseum, U.S. Capitol Building, Washington National Cathedral, the White House--- to name just some of the attractions that are not far removed from our hotel.

With respect to a visit to the White House, Frank Schlatter has submitted a request to President Obama for him to meet with those attending the reunion.  Frank requested the meeting through the office of Senator Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico, citing many of the accomplishments of the USAREUR Headquarters Band over its history.  If the request should be honored, the tentative schedule provided below will be modified to enable the President's plans to take precedence over our activities.  However, we probably will not know the answer to our request until much, much closer to the reunion

The Projected Schedule

Wednesday, Sept.8   Travel day.   Hotel check-in (3 p.m. ) for those arriving this day.
  6:15 p.m. For those arriving  this day, gather in the lobby to go to a local restaurant or to eat in the Crowne Plaza's restaurant.
Thursday, Sept. 9 2-4 p.m. Registration for the reunion in our hospitality room, renewing acquaintances and making new ones with former 33rders and their guests.
  3 p.m. Check-in for hotel for those arriving this day.
  4-6 p.m. Free time or continue conversations in hospitality room.
  6:15 p.m. Meet in lobby to board bus  for local restaurant.
  Between 8:30 & 9 p.m. Board bus.  Bus tour around the Mall.  Return to hotel by 10 p.m. (The hospitality room will be available for those wishing  to get together.  Alcohol purchased outside the hotel is not to be used in the hospitality room.)
Friday, Sept. 10 7-9 a.m. Breakfast on your own.
  9 a.m. Meet in lobby to board bus for the U.S. Marine Corps Museum.
  12 noon Eat lunch at the U.S. Marine Corps Museum.
  1:15 p.m. Return to bus to go to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
  4:30 p.m. Board bus to return to the Crowne Plaza
  6:30 p.m. Board bus to go to a D.C. German restaurant.
  Between 9 & 10 p.m. Return to hotel
Saturday, Sept. 11 7-9 a.m. Breakfast on your own
  9 a.m.-2 p.m. Individual sightseeing and shopping, taking the Metro to where you want to go (Hospitality room open for those wishing to use it.)
  2-3:30 p.m. Rehearsal for concert (if enough former bandsmen make a commitment to play together following the banquet). Hospitality room open.
  6:30 p.m. Reunion official photo to be taken prior to banquet.
  7:00-10:00 p.m. Banquet followed by concert.
Sunday, Sept. 12 8-11 a.m. Breakfast and business meeting.
  11:30 a.m. Official end of reunion.

As noted in the previous newsletter, the hotel provides transportation to and from the airport and. for our reunion goers with automobiles, our contract stipulates that "Self-parking is available on a complimentary basis for your guests."




 Doug Youra (57-58) wrote to say that "2009 was good to all of us in the Youra household...enjoying good health, still able to sit up and take nourishment.  Lots of cottaging/fishing (although they don't always cooperate), lots of "music" activities/affiliations--never a dull moment."

Ken Briden (58-59) found himself to be the subject of and email scam, and members of the 33rd ABAA should probably take note of the kinds of details that were provided to some of us---which sounded suspicious from the very beginning and which we had to check lest we were taken in by the information provided us.  The email read:  I am in hurry writing you this message and I hope you get it on time, sorry I didn't inform you about my trip in Malaysia for a Program called "Empowering Youth to Fight Racism, HIV/AIDS, Poverty and Lack of Education.  The program is taking place in three major countries in Asia, which are Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.  It has been a very sad and bad moment for me here, the present condition that I found myself is very hard to explain.  I am really stranded here in Malaysia because I misplaced my little bag on my way to the hotel where my money, cell phone which I have all my contacts and other valuable things were kept.  Presently I have limited access to internet.  I will like you to assist me urgently with a soft loan of $2,200 to sort out my hotel bills and get myself back home.  I have spoken to the embassy here but they are not responding to the matter effectively.  I will appreciate whatever you can afford to assist me with.  I'll Refund the money back to you as soon as I get home without any delay.  So please use the details below to send the money to me through Western Union money transfer or money gram because that is the only way I could be able to get it fast and leave.

Ken subsequently wrote saying: "The bad news is that someone hacked into my e-mail address book and sent out a bogus e-mail allegedly from me.  It wasn't.  Don't respond.

"The good news is that I have received phone calls from all over today, folks I hadn't talked to in a long time.  Something good came from the experience."  Ken also indicated that he got a new e-mail address, which will appear in the directory sent out to dues-paying members.

 Phil Jones (56-57) was the subject of an email sent by his wife Donna.  In September Phil had colon surgery necessitating the removal of some of his stomach.  Not good news at all!  We hope Phil is on the road to recovering from this nightmarish experience.

Lee Brooks (56-59) wrote, saying:  "I looked at the directory and noted an entry for 'Billy Cook, 50s.'  I have some additional information that could be added.  First of all, he was CWO Billy Cook.  He was one of the band leaders.  He arrived sometime in 1959 (my last year with the band).  For awhile he and CWO John Cochrane were both attached to the band.  My memory is hazy, but I believe Cochrane left prior to my own departure (July, 1959), but I could be wrong about that.

"Anyway, Cook's entry in the directory should probably read something like this: CWO Billy Cook / 59 / Commanding Officer / Deceased

'That being the case, he also should be listed on the Roster of Commanding Officers.  You could check with Roger Dickerson and/or some of the other '59 alums to confirm this information or add to it.  Perhaps you could forward this email to whoever handles the website.'

Tony Nelson (75) wrote to indicate that he had just come across our website for the first time, saying that he was unaware that there was an alumni group.  Tony played tuba in the band.  He said he'd "like to reconnect with the old gang,"  If Tony gets his email address to me, those of you who were in the band at the same time as Tony should be able to reach him via the means provided in the 2010 directory.

Scott Phoenix (75) In September Scott told us of a Veteran's day assembly at the middle school where he teaches--an assembly that he originated five years ago basically to honor a couple of fellows on the staff who served in Vietnam and were injured.  Each year since then Scott has written out a new script, attempting to keep things fresh and different, while keeping in mind that the audience is mostly middle school kids with middle school kid's attention spans.

At one time, according to Scott, there were as many as six veterans on staff, but now there are just two: a female who was in the Coast Guard Reserve and Scott.  For the first time Scott put his name in the program.  But, as he said, "It was pointed out to me by an unnamed person near and dear to me that to not do so is basically false modesty!  Wouldn't want that."

He also said that the assembly went very well, but was informed that he needed to work with the students about the distinction between what are appropriate actions following the national anthem at sporting events and following it during solemn ceremonies!  The Rebel/Honky cheer isn't what one indulges oneself in during the latter."

Mike Bradbury (73-78) dropped us a line to indicate that when he was showing his grandkids some pictures of his era they clicked on a picture he would not have looked at otherwise, discovering that there is a mislabeled photo on the site.  He said the picture labeled "circa 78-80" should more accurately be labeled as "circa 74-75".

Leslie Singer (64-67)  wrote following the publication of the last Passing In Review, relating that Joe Turrise from the Chicago area had reminded him of the plans for the reunion in Washington.  Leslie, along with his partner  expressed a strong interest in attending.  He expressed an interest in visiting Arlington Cemetery besides taking in whatever else is also scheduled.  He also was excited about the possibility of going to the White House for a possible visit with the President.

He wondered about whether his partner, who is a German citizen, would need special permission  to get into the White House.  (In light of recent events at the White House in which unauthorized individuals actually made it into the White House, the question is even more relevant than it was when he raised the issue.)

Don Smith (72) noted that he was surfing the web and did a search  for the 33rd Army Band and hit "pay dirt."  A trumpeter with the band, he spoke of remembering "Chuck" Purrington (his roommate), Gary Maki, Dick Rabideau, Paul Tuttle, and CO Field.  He said he was "still alive and kickin' and giggin'", and he requested that he be added to the "found" list.

Nollie Neill (54-55) wrote as follows:  "Me bride of 53 years (who was waiting for me at the end of the steps as I stepped off good old Piedmont Airlines, DC-3 back in 1955) asked me a question this afternoon as she was reading your Great Newsletter, I was embarrassed  to say I couldn't remember  what "USAREUR" stood for !!!????  

We celebrated our 50th by having 50 couples up to our mountain home for a good old mountain BBQ back in 2006.  Needless to say, we spend a lot of our time up there.

As mentioned on your queries card, I spent many a time in old D.C., as I represented a company out of Baltimore for 39 years.  I even took 62 of my Boy Scouts up there when I was a Scoutmaster.

You'll love this little tale:  We were blasting up I-95 when a big old "red-neck" with two CB antennas flying from the  rear of her car, pulled us over.  I was driving, so I sent one of the asst. scoutmasters to see what the problem was.  He came back and said to let him drive, as I had a little problem to deal with.  Older boys were "mooning" out the back windows, right over the big "gold letters, reading First Presbyterian Church, Greensboro, N.C."  I told the pastor when we got back, but never heard from the Virginia lady.

Hardest job I ever had to do...without dying laughing...  By the way all the mooners became Eagle Scouts and 3 of  them later took over my troop as Scoutmasters and and now their sons are Eagles.

Bob Dean (59-50) wrote us after he had just found the 33rd Army Band Site.  He said that he is "still around  playing trumpet and drums, producing & writing music, and anything else that will pay the bills."  He went on to say that he had a lot of pics that he needed to get to that he took of the 33rd in all the spots that the band went to---from Heidelberg to Lebanon.  He noted that he simply wrote to "say hi & I'm still kicking.  Also my nickname is and was 'Dizzy Dean.'" [Ed Note: Since that first email, Bob has been forwarding us all kinds of pictures that he has found on the Web.  Additional information appears in the 2010 Directory.]

His brief bio includes the following details:  Music Producer, Musician, Writer, 12 ASCAP Awards in Writing, Producing, Publishing.  Session Player as Percussion, Trumpet & Background Singing.  Produced Hit records on Paul Overstreet, Stella Parton, Toni Twist, Recorded Commercials for Coke, Orkin, Lays & many others which were written, plus voice overdubs, etc.  Have been in Nashville and Los Angeles area for past 35 years.

Stanley Cornett, (CO from 85-88) sent an email shortly before the Passing In Review was "put to bed".  He wrote to  support the holding of a reunion in Norfolk in 2011, emphasizing  the number of military personnel who have retired in the area, making reference to the school of music there, and identifying other features of the area.  When the matter of a 2011 reunion is put to a vote by the 33rd ABAA members, his views will certainly be part of the mix.

2010 Directories Now Being Forwarded to Dues-Paying Members

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For you who are receiving this newsletter who have not kept up with your dues, you can get a copy of the directory simply by forwarding  a $15 dues payment to Frank.


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