Vol. XIII, No.  3                                                                        May 2011 

In Remembrance of Frank Schlatter

We were all extremely saddened by the news of Frank Schlatter's passing.  Frank was the heart and soul of the 33Army Band Alumni Association. 

Frank served in the 33rd Army Band from 1956 to 1958, playing flute and piccolo.  Some forty years after his discharge, Frank was able to follow through on a dream he had about reuniting with former band mates.  After considerable effort to locate and contact former 33rders he was able to organize a reunion that was held in Albuquerque, NM in July, 1997.  The reunion was a huge success and was the stimulus for the formation of the 33rd Army Band Alumni Association. 

Frank served as CEO of the Association from its inception and was personally involved in nearly all of its numerous activities.  These included writing and publishing the Passing In Review newsletter, planning and organizing the semiannual reunions (7 of which have been held to date), producing and mailing the annual association directory, collecting dues and acting as Association treasurer, funding our 33rdABAA website, and handling correspondence with outside parties.

In addition to his activities with the Association, Frank was active in his adopted home, Roswell, NM.  After discharge from the Army, he returned home, completed his education at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, married Carole, and moved to New Mexico, where he began teaching English at Roswell High School.  He became active in the Roswell Little Theater where he acted, wrote, and directed plays.  He was a model train collector, and was a devoted member of the Bahai faith.  While teaching at Roswell High, he started the New Mexico Council of Teachers of English and served on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

While serving in the 33rd Army Band Frank became a good friend of Roger Dickerson, a fellow band member and an excellent pianist.  Roger was a resident of New Orleans and attended the first reunion in Albuquerque in 1997 where he and Frank renewed their friendship.  When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Frank invited Roger to Roswell for and extended visit.  Roger performed on the piano at various spots around Roswell, and the net result was formation of the Roswell Jazz Festival that Frank was selected to lead.  It has since become a first class festival and Frank was formally honored for his very successful efforts.


Request for Information and an Opportunity to Honor Frank

As you are undoubtedly aware, a considerable amount of the correspondence within the 33ABAA is conducted via email.  It is not uncommon for people to change Internet providers, and unfortunately they often forget to inform all of their contacts of the address changes.  This is the situation we are currently facing. When we send messages to members via email, we have a large number of them returned, marked “Invalid Address”.

In order to bring our email addresses up to date, we would like for those of you who use email to send us your current address.  If you have current addresses for other association members, we would appreciate it if you also include the member’s name and address.  You can email the information to dtonning@aol.com.

In the near future, you may also receive requests via snail mail or telephone for information to upgrade the Association Directory and your plans regarding the 2012 Chicago reunion,

To honor Frank, his wife Carole and others close to him have decided that the best way would be a cash donation to the Roswell Jazz Festival in his name.  Donations can be sent to:

Roswell Jazz Festival
c/o Duane Evans
3011 Bandolina
Roswell, NM 88201-6609                                                                               

If you send a check, be certain to write Frank’s name in the memo field.

Thank you very much for your assistance in updating information and in honoring Frank.



The following are messages received from Association members regarding Frank’s passing.

Scott Phoenix: "I am flying our U.S. flag at half-mast through Tuesday, the day of the funeral, and have the 33rdABAA flag Frank had sent us displayed with it.  Rest in peace, Frank.  It seems to me that the best way to honor Frank is to keep the 33rdABAA a viable organization and carry on in the manner he has established and would have wished - on to Chicago!  It would be nice to have some tribute to him in time for the funeral from members of the organization.  I plan on writing something to send to Carole.

Frank Gomes:  "We got the news last night of Frank's passing.  What a sad thing.  Phyllis and I hadn't seen him from the 2001 Minneapolis reunion till the D.C. reunion last September.  We couldn't believe the difference in Frank.  The energetic person had changed to a very frail looking man.  It was sad to see.  We realize he had quite a medical scare a couple of years ago, but we didn't expect to see him as he was in September."

"We feel very privileged to have known him.  What an amazing man with his enthusiasm in getting the 33rd organized and planning all the reunions.  It truly was a labor of love for him.  It is our hope and prayer that someone will be willing to take on the huge task of keeping the 33rd going."

Ray McCallister:  "Sorry about the message."

Roger Collinsworth:  "Sorry to hear of the loss to humanity and the music world."

Greg Miller: "Thanks for the info about Frank.  Roger Dickerson and I have been asked to be pall bearers."

Lowell Skabo: "I feel terrible about Frank.  He did so much for the reunions."

Don Blackburn:  “All of us affiliated with the 33rd Army Band deeply feel the loss of our friend and colleague, Frank Schlatter, who passed away on April 1, 2011.  He worked tirelessly as a former 33rd AB alumnus over the years, a service all of us connected with the Heidelberg Band thoroughly appreciated.  We will truly miss him. 

I also regret to inform you and our 33rd AB alumni members of the passing on April 1, 2011 of another of our colleagues.  Fred Galarneau, age 77, of San Francisco, CA, suddenly died at his home from natural causes.  Fred served two tours with the 33rd AB in 1953-54 and 1958-63 as a percussionist and string bass player.  Other U.S. Army Bands in which Fred served were located at Monroe, VA, Viet Nam, and Ft. Presidio, CA.  In all, Fred served twenty-two years as an Army Bandsman.  He retired from his last duty station in 1974 at Ft. Presidio, CA, at the rank of Sergeant First Class (E-7).  My wife and I, who were celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in San Francisco, CA, had dinner with Fred and his former wife, Inga, the night before he passed away.  The loss of Fred was a shock for my wife and me, but we were grateful that we spent his last hours with him before his death.

Fred was a fine man, an accomplished musician and a dedicated soldier during his military career.  I thought this information would be appropriate to forward to the many 33rd AB alumni who knew Fred.  Please feel free to use as much of it as you like in our next newsletter. 

Gene Garza:  “It was our pleasure to have known him.”

Phil Jones:  “He was to all of us the heart and soul of the 33rd reunion organization.  He will be missed by all so very much.  We are thinking of you, Carole, each and every day.

Lou Driever:  “I greatly appreciate all of Frank’s efforts to unite us.  We look forward to seeing you (Carole) in Chicago, paying our respect to Frank together, and remembering the fine things he has done for all of us who served in the 33rd.

Melvin Good:  “He was a brilliant person who knew how to get things done.  We will miss him greatly.”

Joseph Turrise:  “At this last reunion in Washington, D.C. it was our privilege to have met Frank and Carole for the first time.  Frank truly was well liked by all, and was the inspiration of the 33rdABAA”.

Ken Winkle:  “We will miss Frank’s leadership with the 33rd.  In Peace!”

Dick Ernsting:  “We will always remember Frank as a friend, a man passionate about his music and a proud patriot.  We have all experienced a loss—We will hold you close in our thoughts and prayers”.

Bill (Woody) Woodworth:  “What a lust for life Frank had, and it was contagious.  Carole and Frank were so very fortunate to have found each other.  I have so many excellent memories of Frank”.

Rick McFerrin:  “We enjoyed so much getting to know Frank through the 33rd Army Band group.  We especially enjoyed sharing dinner Frank and Carole at Old Glory.  He had a wonderful spirit and will be greatly missed.”


Steve Barnhart:  “I will remember him fondly and am so glad we got to have one last visit in D.C.”


Robert Granzow:  “How very grateful we are to have met Frank and Carole in Portland (08).”



A phone call to Carole Schlatter from Barbara Kiser said that Wilfred Kaiser died October 1, 2010.  He was in the 33rd from ’56 to ’58.

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