Vol. X, No. 2                                                                                      November 2007

Organizers of Reunion Seek More Specific
Membership Views

            Scott Phoenix, 33rd Army Band Reunion Coordinator for the 2008 Portland Reunion, in collaboration with Ken Erion and Frank Schlatter, has requested that members of the 33rd ABAA who are planning to attend the reunion July 3-6 reunion provide their responses to several projected tour choices that are now under consideration.  (You are requested to use the abbreviated form on the postcard included with this newsletter.)

Cruise of River - SATURDAY







Lunch aboard the Portland Spirit - 12:00 - 2:00 (board 11:30)




$29.00 (senior rate); $33.93 for 8 or more (includes gratuity)























A. Columbia River Gorge





30 people

Stops at Crown Pt., Multnomah Falls, Hood River, and Stonehenge replica

will be $30

Views are spectacular and the Gorge is a mecca for windsurfers.

per person







B.  Evergreen Air Museum/Wineries





30 people

Museum houses the Spruce Goose, Blackbird, WWII craft, etc.

will be $30

Lunch in McMinnville with stops at two wineries on way back.

per person








C.  Mt. St. Helens





30 people


See evidence of destruction from the May 18, 1980, blast that removed

will be $35


the upper 1,500' of the mountain; incredible view of crater from Johnson Ridge.

per person







30 people


Oregon Coast





will be $40







per person


Lots of time to beach comb and shop at Cannon Beach, pretty town on the coast


Lunch at Mo's, famous for clam chowder recipe.  Stop at Neakahnie Pt.  


Refreshing stop at Tillamook Cheese Factory - delicious cheeses and ice creams


Beautiful farmside and mountainous scenery to and from.











More than 30 people will drop the cost per trip.  Fewer than 30 people will up the cost.


With a full bus (47), the costs are $20 (A & B), $25 (C), and $30 (D).



Overcharge $54.45/hr.







Scott Phoenix Introduces Incentives for Attending Portland Reunion

            For members of the 33rd ABAA who may not have made up their minds yet about participating in the 2008 reunion in Portland, Scott Phoenix has provided the following list of incentives for attending:

   Portland, Oregon, site of the 33rd Army Band, Europe, reunion, and quite possibly a city you'll fall in love with! Let us count the reasons:

     1.  Climate - enough rain to support lush greenery that is relaxing to the soul and eye; little if any hail to ruin roofs and cars; not overly hot in the summer; comfortable humidity so that nights are cool when days are hot.

     2.  Beauty - Portland is situated toward the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers and much of the western part of the city is located on hills that provide interest to those below and outstanding views to the north and east, views that include several volcanic peaks - Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Hood.  One very
clear days one can even see Mt. Rainer.

     3.  Accessibility - blocks are small and easily walked.

     4.  Public transportation - Portland has been a pioneer city in the U.S. for inter-urban rail service.  The more long distance routes, that include the airport, are called MAX (metropolitan area express) and the routes within the downtown area and outlining adjacent parts are covered by trolley and buses.  MAX trains are free within thedowntown core and Lloyd Center on the east side of the Willamette.

     5.  Local markets - Saturday Market in Portland is a classic public market.  There is an astonishing array of handmade goods from which to choose a memento peculiar to Portland.  Nordstrom - ladies' choice 11
times out of 10!  The Pearl District and Northwest 23rd will captivate, too!

     6.  Powell's Bookstore - Some have declared this the best bookstore in the WORLD but that's only the partial truth.  It's the best bookstore in the UNIVERSE.

     7.  Entertainment - from the famous Rose City Festival in June to the Blues Festival and Chamber Music Northwest in July to Music at the Zoo and myriad clubs, Portland has been a mecca for music for years.
Trumpeters, hark - David Monette builds his masterpieces here.

  8.  Great cuisine - seafood, of course, but also Greek, Ethiopian, Continental, etc.

  9.  Proximity to astounding natural and cultivated beauty – the Columbia River Gorge to the east, Mt. St. Helens to the north, the Cascade Mountains and skiing to the southeast, the ocean beaches to the west, the Willamette Valley vineyards to the south.

10.  A coffee/espresso joint every block, it seems.

BONUS.  24-Hour Pancake House (SE Powell and 11th)  - where else can you have the best pancakes taste buds can contact cooked at 3:00 A.M. by someone whose body is at least 50% covered in tattoos?  OK, that
doesn't float your boat?  How about then a scrumptious apple pancake served up at The Original Hotcake House.



   Leonard Charles Purrington (72-73) wrote to indicate that he was now “found.”  He was a member of the 33rd from Jan. 1972 until Sept. 1973 and played trumpet.  His current address is Fehmarner str. 3  13353 Berlin, Germany.  His current phone number is 40 30 94886425.

   Karen Goodrich (76-78) wrote, saying: “While going through mounds of paper  work I came across the 33rd Army Band News letter.  Richard and I both have enjoyed your efforts to keep it altogether.  However it is with much sorrow that I write.  Richard  passed away this past Sunday July 15th.  He was diagnosed with Leukemia 2 1/2 years ago.  We were hoping for remission and then a bone marrow transplant, but God had other designs for our lives.  I know you try to keep the newsletter up to date so I thought that I'd let you know for the next edition.” Karen later sent some pictures that included Richard. Two are provided here. 


2004                      1978

 Michael D. Jorgensen of Fayetteville, GA, wrote to Dee Tonning and Frank Schlatter in early August requesting information for a project he has been working on involving  “the shoulder arcs (or tabs) and other cloth insignia, to include selected pocket patches, of U.S. Army units.  The units include those of the active Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard and State Guard.  The tabs or arcs of Army Bands are a major part of this project.”  He noted that he had been experiencing some difficulty because there was not much information in existence on such tabs.  He wanted information about the tabs used by the 33rd Army Band.  Dee was able to provide him with an illustration of what he needed.

   Dee also contacted some members of the 33rd ABAA with Michael Jorgensen’s request for information, and Lowell Skabo (56-57) stated that he had a 33rd patch with a tab that he cut off his uniform from 1957. He noted that it has a tab with a blue background, red border, and a golden metallic "33rd Army Band" over the USAREUR patch. Jorgensen expressed his gratitude for the information he had received.

   Scott Phoenix (75) provided us with a new address for Robert Holmes (72-73).  It is 324 Wauna Vista Dr.,Burley, ID 83318-3448.  Telephone numbers include:  208-679-3300  c: 530-933-9002.  Scott said that Robert was planning to go to Germany in the fall to play in Munich.

   Michael Kaye (76-79) had some information that he emailed to Scott in early September.  It was as follows: “I had drill this weekend with my reserve band (4 days).  We were subjected to a tech inspection in preparation for our two weeks in Heidelberg next July. (I guess they don't let just any band replace Heidelberg without checking first to make sure they can cut the mustard) There were six individuals inspecting us in all aspects of an army band. One of these individuals was CW4 James Powell, who besides being the Deputy Staff Bands Officer 5th Army, is also the Commander 234th Army Band, Oregon National Guard. I told him about our reunion next summer and showed him the alumni website and pictures from Denver and he was impressed. He said he would love to perform a concert for us and would come right to the Hilton Hotel. The band is based right in Portland by the airport.”

   Scott responded to Michael, saying: “Hey, Fish.  Thanks for this.  You bet we will contact him.  Hey, Lorelei says you probably won't be able to come to Portland.  If so, I am very sorry as 1) you'd love Portland and area, and 2) it won't be the same w/o you.  Hope your gig is later and that you can make it!”

   David Lovine (74-76) wrote in mid-September of a crew that was needed that day for the “Deepwater Towboat   HERCULES and Her Sister Ship In Tow-GOLIAH”.  He made reference to a voyage “from Philadelphia Towards San Francisco Through The Strait of Magellan 13,460 Miles.” 

   Frank Gomes (55-56)
indicated that he and Phyllis were back in Florida after leaving New Hampshire.
Frank said that  Pilgrim Pines, where they spend their summers, celebrates its 50th anniversary and it was where he and Phyllis “had started dating a few months before the East Coast Conference of  our denomination had an open house in October 1957 to see if they would buy the property. He went on to refer to a picture taken of them on the golf course that day. Then, just before they left there this year they had another picture taken on pretty much the same spot to celebrate the fifty years.  Frank said: “It's something what fifty years will do.”


   Ken Winkle (59-61) provided us with a new email address:  kawink76@att.net.    

   Amando Langella Jr (60-61?), who, he said, everyone calls by his nickname "Tom," related that he had been speaking with Kenneth Winkle while attempting “to track down my roommate Joseph Haba.”  Amando, who served in Heidelberg with the 33rd, learned from Ken that Joseph Haba had passed away but didn’t remember seeing anything in the newsletters regarding that. He sought some additional information. Is Joseph deceased?

   Binky Buckwalter wrote to correct the editor of the newsletter regarding his gender.  The editor had inaccurately identified Binky, son of the late Clair N. Buckwalter, as Clair’s daughter.  The editor apologizes for the error.

   Roger Dickerson (58-59) and Frank Schlatter (56-58) once again did their respective numbers with the Pecos Valley Jazz and Arts Festival, Roger as a pianist and composer and Frank as chairman of the event.

   The second annual festival was successfully mounted the weekend of October 12-14.  Under the musical direction of Michael Francis, a well-renowned pianist in the region, the festival opened on Friday, the 12th, with a noon-time kickoff jazz session on Main Street, in which Roger shared keyboard honors with John Sheridan of San Antonio and Michael, who were joined by clarinetist Tom Fischer of New Orleans, trumpeter Randy Sandke and bassist Nicki Parrott of New York, vocalist Judi K of Chicago, banjo and guitar player Eddie Erickson, from CA, Ricky Malichi  and Eric Hutson on drums, plus Bob Foskett, trombonist, of  El Paso.

   Later that day Roger and Michael performed at a local winery with other guest artists, a gig that was followed by the Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz Band performing in the Roswell Civic and Convention Center and later by saxophonist Houston Person playing at a local restaurant.

   On Saturday, Roger served as headmaster for the “School of Jazz”, at which the invited musicians worked with area youth.  That evening Roger and the other invited musicians performed at the Performing Arts Center of the Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell, providing attendees with “World Class Jazz on Stage.”

   On Sunday, the well-received world premiere of Roger’s choral and instrumental commissioned work A Flower Blooms in the Desert was performed in two local churches and, at the close of the festival, at the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art.  Obviously, Roger played a major role with the festival. He is now due to return in January to Roswell –his second home since Katrina—when he will perform during a commemoration of Martin Luther King.


 (On stage, l. to r.): Roger Dickerson (piano), Houston Person (sax), Curt Warren (guitar), Eddie Erickson (banjo), Nicki Parrott (bass), Warren Wolf (vibraphone), John Allred (trombone), Tom Fischer (behind Allred – clarinet), and Randy Sandke (trumpet).  (Backdrop illustrations: Elementary students in Roswell Independent School District; overall presentation developed by Steve and Terry Rhodes of the Frame Shop in Roswell.)


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