Registration For 33rd ABAA Reunion in Arlington/Washington, D.C
Basic dates: Sept. 9-12, 2010

Please print clearly

Names of registrants (as you want them printed on the name badges)

Registration fees ($125 per person)                            Total $______
Make checks out to 33rd ABAA and, along with the completed registration form, send to:
Frank Schlatter, 3111 Futura, Roswell, NM 88201.  Send in no later than August 1---PREFERABLY EARLIER

Please also include the following information:
     For former 33rders, the dates of your tour and your instrument or assignment:
     The address of the individual submitting this registration:
     Your current tel. number(s) Home___________________ Cell ____________________

Indicate your projected arrival and departure days for the reunion.  Circle those days and the time of day.

Wed.,  Sept. 8      Thurs., Sept 9      Fri., Sept. 10      Sat., Sept. 11      Sun., Sept. 12      Mon., Sept. 13
                              A.M.  P.M           A.M.  P.M..        A.M.  P.M.         A.M.  P.M.

How many rooms will your party be using at the hotel? __________________________

Identify the number in your party who will want each of the following banquet choices at the hotel:
                                 Filet of Beef Oscar Style __________
                                 Grilled Atlantic Salmon   __________
                                 Chicken Marsala             __________
                                                           Special dietary needs -- vegetarian __________

Identify the type of sandwich in the box lunch at the Marine Museum that is wanted by each member in your party.
                  Ham and Swiss on a Kaiser Roll                     _____ Individual's name ____________________
                  Smoked Turkey & Swiss on a Croissant         _____ Individual's name ____________________
                  Tuna Salad on a Tomato Tortilla Wrap
                        With Provolone Cheese                            _____ Individual's name ____________________
                  Roast Beef on a Kaiser with Sharp Cheddar   _____ Individual's name ____________________
                  Humus Wrap                                                    _____ Individual's name ____________________

Will you play at our "concert"? ____ Yes  ____No  If one or more of the registrants  will be playing, identify the instrument(s) that each person will bring to the reunion:

 Will you need to have a larger instrument supplied for you to be able to play? ____
Name the instrument __________________________________________

Will you  be bringing one or more photo albums from your duty time?    ___ Yes ____ No
Will you be bringing slides for share time in the Hospitality Room?        ____Yes ____No

Are there any special arrangements that need to be made for any registrant?  ____Yes ____No 
   If "yes" please provide details here or on the back..

If you have any questions regarding the reunion, please refer them to Frank Schlatter (address above); telephone: 575-622-6898 or email: