1. Would you prefer that the 33rd ABAA hold annual reunions rather than the two-year cycle we have been employing? _____Yes  _____No.  What month(s) would be best for you to be able to attend?

Your explanation your answers.  (Use the back if necessary)



  1. Identify the location where you would like to have the next reunion and provide the month(s) when you would like to have the reunion:


          Location _________________________


          1st choice of month(s) _______________


          2nd choice of month(s) _______________


  1. There has been considerable talk about holding a reunion in Heidelberg in 2012.   

           Would you plan to attend such a reunion?  _____Yes  _____No

           If “yes,” what month(s) would be best for the reunion?  (Circle those that apply.)


    Jan    Feb    Mar    Apr    May    June    July    Aug    Sept    Oct    Nov    Dec    Any month


        How many days should such a reunion last?  Circle one or two:   2   3   4   5  6   7  


  1. In which of the following places would you like to have a 33rd ABAA reunion?  Put a check in front of those you would willingly consider and---if possible---plan to attend?



___Norfolk, Virginia                                                   ___San Diego, California


___Charlotte, North Carolina                                      ___Las Vega, Nevada


___Gatlinburg, Tennessee                                          ___Atlanta, Georgia


___St. Louis, Missouri                                               ___Orlando, Florida


___Chicago, Illinois                                                   ___ Indianapolis, Indiana


___Branson, Missouri                                               ___ New Orleans, Louisiana


___San Antonio, Texas                                             ___Albuquerque, New Mexico


___Sacramento, California                                        ___Boston, Massachusetts


___Seattle, Washington                                            ___A cruise on the Caribbean


___San Francisco, California                                    ___Other